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Hi is this a procedurally generated levels or random generated.. Thanks!! :)

I think random? but idk. It basically works by adding circles of random sizes at random points in circles that have already been generated. 

I've been considering learning love2d, but this game really convinced me. Any advice on how to get into that?

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For learning lua:
For learning Love2D:

Although there are probably lots of other tutorials. 

A good list of modules/ libraries/IDEs:
Some of my favorites are:
classic - OOP
bump - collisions
HC - more complex collisions 
hump.vector - Vectors - Camera
lume - general helper functions 
tween.lua - tweening
statemachine.lua - finite state machine 
baton - input

For an IDE I use VS Code to edit code and ZeroBrane Studio when I want to print to console. 

Hope this helps

This is a lot more help than I expected, thanks a lot! From what I've seen, it looks pretty similar to processing or p5.js, but it might take a while to get used to lua after so much javascript.


end.lua:10: attempt to compare nil with number


end.lua:10: in function 'new'
m/classic.lua:63: in function 'End'
game.lua:40: in function 'die'
character.lua:343: in function 'func'
character.lua:93: in function 'func'
m/tween.lua:333: in function 'update'
character.lua:114: in function 'update'
game.lua:53: in function 'update'
main.lua:102: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Thanks, I think this should be fixed now

I am addicted to this game! i just downloaded it and it feels so satisfying to defeat enemies, and feels so rewarding every time i get an upgrade. you did a really great job on this game! the enemies are all unique to some extent, and I had to play different ways for each set. You changed the game completely after level 30(Thats as far as I've got), and i love that even more!

Wow I'm impressed you got that far! I thought the last few planets were way too hard. Level 30 is the boss, so you almost finished it (although there is an endless mode after) 

I Love It. Great gameplay, lovely sound effects and quick respawns. Great game. I love how you have different enemies for each planet instead of just the same ones over and over again

Thank you :)