A downloadable game for Windows

5 Second Fuse is a fast-paced platformer about using a timed bomb to destroy a path to reach the gem.

Made for the Mini Jam 32: Explosions in 72 hours.

Music - Joshua McLean

Font - BitPotion

Player - Micro Character Bases

Install instructions

Download and unzip 5SecondFuse_v1.0.zip , run 5SecondFuse_v1.0.exe to play.


5SecondFuse_v1.0.zip 5 MB
5SecondFuse_v1.0.love 2 MB


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Fun little game, was able to complete all the levels.

The bomb needs to have some kind of indicator for when it is going to explode; Make the bomb blink faster the less time you have, *bleep* sound each time it blinks, something like that.

And level 18 was way easier than level 17.

Thanks for the feedback :)