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Welcome to the testing facilities where we will be testing you, our latest invention, the MultiGun. Equipped with great agility and the ability to absorb specialised ammunition you have the potential to be our greatest success yet, as long as our algorithms are advanced enough to complete these challenges...

MultiGun is a puzzle-platformer in which you choose what order to load your gun. There are three types of ammo: Teleport (blue), Bouncy (green) and Explosive (red). Collect all of the keys to complete the level.


Left, Right - A, D/left, right

Jump: W/ up

Shoot: R Shift/ Z

Shoot vertically: Hold S/ down while shooting

Inspired by this game from the last Mini Game Jam.

Made for the Mini Jam 15 - Technology (limitation: restricted colour palette).

16x16 Industrial Tileset by 0x72

Explosions Pack by Ansimuz

Edit: Improved the description, added gifs.


MultiGun.love 4 MB
MultiGun.zip 7 MB


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I like this game. But speed of the game twice as much as normal maybe even faster.